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Do I have to be an experienced Skier/Rider to participate?

This team event requires the completion of over 100 runs down Whitetail's blue terrain. If you are comfortable skiing from the top, you will be able to partcipate without a problem.

Do I have to have all four members of my team at the time of relay team registration?

No, all you have to do is have a team member to complete registration and then you can recruit more people for your relay team. 

Is this event a race?

No, the 100K is an endurance challenge and a fundraiser for Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports. No prizes are given for the team that finishes first. Safety is our first priority during the 100K, and those who treat the event like a race by tucking or in the opinion of the safety staff are out of control will not be allowed to complete the event.

If my team doesn’t meet the minimum donation requirements, will we be restricted from participating in the event?

At its heart, the 100K is intended to be a fundraiser, so we established minimum fund-raising objectives to ensure we meet that objective. However, we have never had a team or participant not meet their goal, because the 100K team is more than willing to provide fundraising tips and assistance to help participants meet their minimums.

Do I have to raise money only from my friends and family or can get I sponsors such as my work or other businesses?

We encourage participants to seek out sponsors. As a way to incentivize their donations, we have established the following donation levels to allow for advertising by sponsors:

Platinum Level ($5,000 donation) (logo on this website, event T-shirt and base-area banner*)

Gold Level ($2,500 donation) (logo on two of the following: event T-shirt and this website)

Silver Level ($1,000 donation) (logo on this website)

*base-area banner to be provided by the sponsor

The cutoff to have a sponsor’s logo included on the events T-shirt is Jan. 20, 2018. For the best appearance, please provide your logo as a vector file (EPS file).

Link to the sponsorship tab

Is there an age limit for participants?

Yes. To participate in the 100K you must 18 years or older. However, if you are younger than 18 and would still like to get involved, we would love to have your help as a volunteer on the day of the event Link to the volunteer tab

Is Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation a registered non-profit? if so, what is their Tax ID #?

Yes, Two Top Mountain is registered 501(c)3 non-profit and their Tax ID # is 26-0466490.

Are we free to ski the entire mountain to complete the 107 runs?

No, the event is given one dedicated run (typically Snowdancer) which is closed to the public on which only participants are allowed onto the entire day.

Are costumes allowed?

Absolutely, in fact they are encouraged.