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Event Rules

General Rules:

  • Helmets are required for every participant.
  • "Tucking" is not permitted.
  • Although we have a dedicated run, other guests might poach... be safe.
  • This is an endurance event, not a race.
  • There may be adaptive skiers on the course. When approaching them, check your speed and proceed with a safe pass.
  • Always be respectful of the other participants. 
  • Mandatory rest break at 1100
  • HYDRATE! You need the liquids even when you feel like you are tanked! There is more drink available than you can consume.
  • Have fun...
  • A safety brief is mandatory before you start skiing

Skiing other runs outside of the event:

  • These runs will not count towards your goal.
  • Your bib must be removed
  • Ski Patrol and Mountain Safety Team members will be closely monitoring our presence on all runs, especially runs other than Snowdancer.
  • If the Ski Patrol or Mountain Safety Team identifies dangerous behavior on any runs, you may receive one warning, then be asked to turn in your lift ticket and bib.
  • These guidelines offer you the ability to enjoy the other slopes during the day